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The Ambassadors
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Henry James
Atlantic Group
 4 out of 5 reviews
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The Ambassadors, published in 1903, is considered by theauthor himself to be his most 'perfect' work of art. In this novel, with much humour and delicacy of perception, the author depicts the reaction of different American types to the European environment. Lambert Strether, a middle-aged American of no particular achievements, is sent to Paris by Mrs. Newsome, a wealthy widow, to discover what, or who, is keeping her son Chad in the notorious city of pleasure and to persuade him to return to Massachusetts and his responsibilities as head of the family business. Strether's success as an ambassador will ensure his marriage to Mrs. Newsome. In Paris he finds Chad miraculously transformed by the influence of a charming French woman, Madame de Vionnet. As the Parisian spring advances, he himself succumbs to the congenial atmosphere of Paris and the mysterious charm of Madame de Vionnet. Mrs. Newsome sends further ambassadors—her daughter Sarah and Sarah's husband and sister-in-law – to appeal to Chad.....
User Comments
Karnataka, India
1/21/2015 8:10:48 PM
the book itself is immensely enjoyable. It was like reading a play - there is a great deal of time devoted to setting scenes and frames of mind, internal soliloquys, and copious interaction between characters. It was structured such that one cannot see the end from the beginning. This is not to say the end is a surprise, more that any of a number of endings would not surprise. In this sense the book incorporates an element of reality, as choices and events often shape the future. James even mocks the 'fictional' in his work at a miraculously chance pivotal meeting near the end of the book.
out of 5
Karnataka, India
1/21/2015 8:15:47 PM
good to read
This is really an interesting book.I've decided to read Henry James. He's considered one of our greatest writers, after all. all the different accounts are interesting to know about and to appreciate the work, intelligence and smartness of james
out of 5
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