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The Lion, the Witch and ...

Price : Rs.  299.00 284.00

The Old Man and The Sea

Price : Rs.  125.00 119.00

The Happiness Project

Price : Rs.  330.00 314.00

Little Men (Puffin Class...

Price : Rs.  394.00 374.00

Sleeping, Dreaming, and ...

Price : Rs.  1131.00 1074.00

The Devil Finds Work (Vi...

Price : Rs.  952.00 904.00

Anciant and Medieval Ind...

Price : Rs.  282.00 268.00

Essentials of Nuclear Ch...

Price : Rs.  399.00 379.00

An Unsuitable Woman

Price : Rs.  145.00 138.00

Self-Help Books

A self help book is always written with the purpose to instruct the readers as to how to solve personal problems. Everyone has different personalities; some people read a lot but apply little, whereas others read little but apply all of it. Information provided in self help books is not similar to ordinary novels, therefore it takes more time to digest it. So, it is necessary that you grab the first part then move on to the next page. Self help books can be one of the best pastimes which can change your lives in a positive way, while refreshing your mind. Some of the good picks include, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

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As self help book, entailing advice, is written for general audience. To become successful in life, it is important to learn from others experience, so that you can avoid mistakes and reach your goals without much hassle. There are numerous books available in the market, hence choosing a right option might be a bit confusing. To make your task simpler, you can check online reviews and can also verify if the author has personal experience with the same subject in order to make a viable pick. There are many online stores in India that offer you these books, that too at discounted prices. They might also offer you free downloading, making it convenient for you to download e-books even on your cell phones. This enables you to read self help books anytime and anywhere you want. Furthermore, when ordered online, these books are delivered at your doorstep. 

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