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Scientific Parallel Computing
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L. Ridgway Scott
New Age International
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What does Google's management of billions of Web pages have in common with analysis of a genome with billions of nucleotides? Both apply methods that coordinate many processors to accomplish a single task. From mining genomes to the World Wide Web, from modeling financial markets to global weather patterns, parallel computing enables computations that would otherwise be impractical if not impossible with sequential approaches alone. Its fundamental role as an enabler of simulations and data analysis continues an advance in a wide range of application areas.

Scientific Parallel Computing Text Book

Scientific Parallel Computing is popular collection book written by famous authors of Computer Science. Great Authors like L. Ridgway Scott has done research on the subject and brought you this book of Scientific Parallel Computing. The book caters to the students of their education; the book is published by New Age International Publications containing 396 Pages and is an English 2010 Edition. The ISBN Code of the Book is 9788122431377 and its availability is In Stock with a Discount price of RS. 356. 

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