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Mystic's Musings: A Profound Mystic of Our Times
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The path of a spiritual seeker can be difficult. As the introductory passages in the book point out, seekers are ignorant of where they came from, the path that they should take, and what the destination is. In this situation, how would one learn about the path to wisdom? In Mystic’s Musings: A Profound Mystic Of Our Times, Sadhguru explains the vital need for a guru - a teacher for those who want to tread the path of spirituality and enlightenment. Seekers can learn from those who have travelled the path before and more easily reach their destination. In this book, the guru for contemporary seekers, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, explains to his readers how they can walk on the path to eternal bliss in this troubled world. In the form of questions and answers, he provides answers to the doubts of all seekers. Sadhguru is forthright in his answers and pushes the readers to go beyond their comfort zones. To a question as to how to deal with fears and anxieties, he asserts that fears are unreal as they are created in the person’s mind and kept alive by them. He explains that by going beyond the physical confines of the body and connecting with the higher plane, one can get rid of fears and insecurities. The book states that once a person begins to experience life at the spiritual level, fears and anxieties begin to disappear. With this beginning, the Sadhguru expounds on many topics, from mundane facts of life to the path to enlightenment, experiences of spirituality, life, death, and what lies beyond death. He also talks about the beings in other planes, and about disembodied beings.
User Comments
Karnataka, India
2/3/2015 8:11:10 PM
good read
Meeting Sadhguru has been the defining moment of my life, changing my perspective on how to look at life and its challenges. Mystic's Musings is a beautiful compilation of some of Sadhguru's essential wisdom.
out of 5
Assam, India
2/3/2015 8:12:31 PM
Mystic's Musings This is a book for the thirsty. It is a glimpse of an oasis for someone willing to rise above the intellect and move towards the fountainhead of knowledge through the wisdom of an enlightened master.overall interesting..
out of 5
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