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Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel
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Ash Narayan Sah
excel books
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The focal point of this book is the use of Microsoft Excel for data analysis from the researchers\' perspective. It is aimed at researchers in economics and management who just want to apply econometric methods sensibly to the real world data for analysis and empirical works. This book has been divided into 9 chapters. The first chapter \'Elementary Data Handling\' deals with summarizing data graphically and by descriptive statistics. The second chapter is \'Correlation Analysis\' which studies the nature of relationship between two variables. The third chapter aims to familiarize the reader with various concepts of simple linear regression model where one phenomenon has been explained in terms of another phenomenon. The fourth chapter stretches the basic concepts of the third chapter and explains one variable in terms of one or more variables. The fifth chapter discusses the Dummy Regression Model - a technique used to incorporate qualitative information into regression model. This is also used for studying seasonality in data. The sixth chapter deals with time series analysis. The seventh chapter describes Box-Jenkins methodology. It also discusses distributed lag model and Granger causality. The eighth chapter explains the concept of co-integration and error correction mechanism. The last chapter discusses the extensions and limitations of regression analysis. This book would be beneficial for the students pursuing postgraduate economics and MBA programs.

Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel Text Book

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